September Healthcare Forum

We, Dr. Larry Lazarus and Dr. Jeff Foster, have a Big Favor to Ask

We would greatly appreciate your answers to the following three questions so future forums can be more relevant to your (and your family’s) needs. All answers are held in strict confidentiality.

Please click yes/no to the first two questions. Type in your suggestions for improving our forum (question 3); then click SEND

1.  Are you receiving Drs’ Lazarus and Foster’s monthly healthcare forum? YesNo

2. Do you read the forum? YesNo

3. What suggestions do you have for improving the forum so it’s more relevant to you (and your family)?

Thank you for your feedback —

For October’s medical forum, we’ll discuss:  How to choose the best health insurance for you (and your family). Open enrollment for the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and other insurance options begins in November.

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  1. It’s challenging to find a physician that will take the time to review your records and LISTEN to questions and provide thoughtful answers.

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