The Insider’s Guide to Quality Affordable Healthcare

The American healthcare system is both complex and substantially changing. Some areas are changing rapidly, while other areas are changing progressively but more slowly (e.g., growth of “boutique” medical payment practices; expanded roles of nurses and other medical professionals; merging among healthcare delivery systems with less choices and more impersonal patient care). Our book addresses both the faster and slower changing sectors.

Our aim is to expand the readers’ role from being mainly passive patients to becoming sophisticated healthcare consumers with broad knowledge about obtaining and assessing healthcare services. The discussion and strategies will allow the readers to be successful in making the healthcare system work for them, for family and friends. This will result in less stress and higher confidence that good healthcare is available and they know how to obtain it.

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Here are some early comments

“Finally, a user-friendly guide written by two seasoned doctors to help all Americans choose the highest quality healthcare while containing out-of-pocket costs.”
—A. John Rush, MD, Professor Emeritus, Duke-National University of Singapore, Adjunct Professor, Duke and Texas Tech Medical Schools


“This book is as valuable as the GPS system on your cell phone.”
—Constance Holden, RN, MSN, Co-founder of The Conversation Project and Co-chair of the Clinical Ethics Committee, Boulder Community Health


“This book by two experienced and savvy doctors gives wise, practical advice on how to understand and navigate a complicated medical system.” —Joel Sadavoy, MD, FRCP, Founder, Geriatric Psychiatry, FCPA, Professor of Psychiatry, University of Toronto


“My long career in clinical and academic social work lets me recognize an authoritative, well-written and user-friendly book.”
—Judith Lemberger, Ph.D., MSW, Clinical Professor (retired), Silver School of Social Work (New York University)


Click here for Chapter Appendices
Click here to Read Customer Reviews on Amazon