By Lawrence Lazarus, MD and Jeffrey Foster, MD

Have you ever been worried, confused, or just downright baffled about the complex and ever-changing American healthcare system? Doctors Lazarus and Foster are here to help. In our monthly blog and healthcare forum, we tackle the complexities of healthcare in America head on.


New polls show that health care has emerged as the top policy issue and is voter’s top concern, and our recently released book gives a detailed and comprehensive look at healthcare from two doctors who have been on the front lines. The Insider’s Guide to Quality, Affordable Healthcare gives readers the answers and advice they need to get the healthcare that they deserve.

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December Healthcare Forum

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October Healthcare Forum

Purchasing Health Insurance for 2020 Consider Using the Check List Model Promulgated by Dr. Atul Gwande (in his book – The Check List Manifesto) This […] Read More


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